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Python 3.6 vs python 3.7

The google colab moved to python 3.7 but aimet modules are compiled with python 3.6. This is problematic:
please see:
/usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/aimet_torch/ in 48 from aimet_torch.tensor_quantizer import PostTrainingTensorQuantizer 49 import aimet_torch.quantsim_straight_through_grad as ste —> 50 import libpymo 51 52

ImportError: Python version mismatch: module was compiled for Python 3.6, but the interpreter version is incompatible: 3.7.10 (default, Feb 20 2021, 21:17:23) [GCC 7.5.0].

Hi @sarakaram

We are working on an AIMET release with python 3.7 - specifically for supporting Google Colab.
Meanwhile - if you are able to recompile AIMET, please do so, so you are not blocked.


Hi @akhobare ,

I was not able to make the files in Colab. Can you please specify a timeline when the AIMET release for Python 3.7 would be available? Thank you.

@quic_bharathr - can you please project a date when we will publish Python 3.7 based packages?

Hi @sarakaram, apologies for the delay. Our projected date to have the Python 3.7 version of AIMET package available for Code Collab is May 3. We’ll also update the instructions accordingly.

Thank you @quic_bharathr , looking forward to it.

Hi @quic_bharathr , @akhobare , it seems the colab installation still isnot available in 3.7 . can you please let us know when it would be available?

Thank you

Hi @sarakaram Apologies for the delay! We’re still working on it.

Hi @sarakaram, we now have a release for python 3.7 here: Release version 1.16.1.py37 · quic/aimet · GitHub

The instructions to install the package are here:

The google colab instructions have not yet been updated. If possible, could you please try it based on the above instructions and submit any changes to the google colab documentation as a PR?