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Updated code for conda

I submitted PR 592 for conda environment.
The aimet environment is in packaging/environment.yml.

The code is built and tests on Ubuntu 20.04:

  • Python 3.7
  • googletest 1.10 (this could be directly used from conda)
  • PyTorch latest (1.8.1 and also 1.7)
  • Tensorflow remains at 1.15 due to obsolete contrib packages used in AIMET code not available in TF 2. Since most functionalities have been merged in TF 2, I hope Aimet team would update their code soon :wink:
  • CUDA 11 and 10

Using conda TF 1.15 with pytorch conflicts on cuda and forces pytorch to be on CPU. There is no such issue with TF 2. Aimet team, please move to TF 2.4.1.

Most tests ( -u) passes but many still don’t regardless of CPU or GPU. At this point, I believe issues are in the code itself and I hope Aimet team can help debug.

I also made some preliminary updates for Mac machines with conda, same environment but CPU only.