Loading and converting ssd_mobilenetv2 model from aimet_model_zoo to TFLite

Hello Team, I want to convert the aimet-optimized ssd_mobilenetv2 TF model to .tflite. I was trying to follow the steps mentioned here: aimet-model-zoo/aimet_zoo_tensorflow/ssd_mobilenet_v2/SSDMobileNetV2.md at develop · quic/aimet-model-zoo · GitHub
However, I felt it a bit overwhelming. I just want to load the aimet-optimized weights from aimet-model-zoo and convert to .tflite format, could you please guide me with this?

Sure @chinya07 - did you get stuck at a particular point?

Hi @akhobare yes, I am following the documentation for setting up AIMET environment in google colab-aimet/packaging/google_colab/google_colab_development.md at develop · quic/aimet · GitHub but I am facing a bunch of dependency conflicts with python3.8 and failing to build a few CUDA binaries which ended up failing 5 out of 8 final tests. I am sharing my notebook here: Google Colab
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.