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SNPE onnx-to-dlc quantizer reads and uses provided quantization parameters?

Hi, I know this is somehow related to another Qualcomm tool (SNPE) but I would love to know if there is a way to somehow load the quantization parameters from AIMET and use it in SNPE?
Or is there a way to modify the quantization parameters in DLC so that I can manually make use of the .encodings file exported from AIMET’s quantization simulation? (I heard from a technical meeting with the dev guys from Qualcomm that there might be a script for this?)

To make things more concrete, I have a quantized model stored in these 2 files: .onnx and .encodings, both exported from AIMET’s quantization simulation. I want to load the model directly to SNPE without SNPE doing the quantization solely based on the ONNX and another input data again.
The command does support overwriting the quantization parameter in tensorflow. I am using Pytorch and its exported ONNX models.

Greatly appreciate it if you can provide some insight!

@Qianhao Sorry for the late response.

This question is already answered here

Let me know if you have further questions.